Fatt Matt Presents Dirty Crew Volume 2: 2 Dirty

While Fatt Matt’s Life Is…Fatt Matt debut features only one guest appearance, 2 Dirty is a collaborative album featuring his Dirty Crew family (Moves, Cee!!!!!!!!, Neoteric, DVice and himself) along with a few close friends, released in conjunction with his solo debut . 2 Dirty might just be the better album; it certainly is the more interesting of the two. The Dirty Crew mix beer, chicken, sex and drugs with their hip-hop, resulting in misogynist songs ("Respect the Whores” and "Gold Diggers”) and wicked party tracks for your next backyard barbecue ("72 Beers” and two different versions of "BBQ”). DJ Zach comes through with some of the most creative and fun West coast gangsta beats, resulting in highlights like "Slideways,” "Chicken Strips & Adlibs” and "Valleycliffe General Store.” Other highlights include the Fatt Matt-produced tracks "Smithfiles” and "Wine at One O’Clock Screwed and Chopped,” solo tracks from P&C’s John Smith and Fatt Matt, respectively, as well as the aptly titled "Posse Cut” produced by Fatt Matt, Factor and Moves, and featuring raps from the Dirty Crew, Chaps, soso, Factor, Knowski, Cam the Wizard and Dead Can Bounce. Even at only eight bars, "Posse Cut” results in many of the album’s best moments. With 2 Dirty, the Dirty Crew prove they are the go-to rap crew for booze hounds and sex fiends. (Futility)