Father John Misty "The Memo"

Father John Misty 'The Memo'
Following recent accusations that Father John Misty's "The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apartment" video took its fair share of influence from an old Funny or Die sketch, the bearded songsmith has come out and fessed up that he's also stolen bed sheets from an amputee. At least, that's the line he's spinning in a brand new single called "The Memo."

The country-dusted number comes equipped with gently brushed snares, saloon-appropriate piano melodies and, as you might imagine, Father John Misty's patented bitter, biting sense of humour. The track has him contemplating turning audiences onto a Chimp Picasso, Mid-Western singing sensations and more. Of the all-too-willing consumers and fakers out there, he croons: "Here at the cultural low water mark/If it's fraud or art/They'll pay you to believe."

The song continues to reflect on culture, privacy, a sense of self and more. You can get "The Memo" down below.