FatCat Reissues Animal Collective Catalogue On Vinyl

FatCat Reissues Animal Collective Catalogue On Vinyl
If you've been waiting for the perfect moment to cash in on that old vinyl copy of Sung Tongs, it appears your eBay payday just took a hit. FatCat Records has announced that it will reissue several of Animal Collective's early albums on vinyl next month, driving down the value of these rare, out-of-print gems but making more than a little business sense in this world gone gaga for Animal Collective.

The new vinyl editions will include the AC albums Spirit They've Gone They've Vanished (2000), Danse Manatee (2001), Feels (2005) and, yes, Sung Tongs (2004). Each will come packaged with the original artwork and on fancied-up 180-gram double vinyl, as well as receive some DMM-styled remastering. What's DMM? Well, it's nerdily explained as a technique that "cuts straight onto metal (copper), utilizing a high frequency, specialized carrier system, eradicating groove wall bounce-back, preserving original modulation details in the groove and Improving overall stability and depth-of-field in stereo. In addition, groove print-through sounds (groove echoes) are reduced using DMM." Got that?

In addition to the Animal Collective reissues, which will be available on March 9, FatCat will also be releasing DMM versions of No Age's Weirdo Rippers, Max Richter's Songs From Before and Sigur Rós's Agaetis Bryjun and ( ) (those last two can currently be pre-ordered here).

If you're an eBay seller that by this point has been reduced to a ball of tears, look on the bright side: there's still Here Comes the Indian to fetch you a bit of green, and it's likely that ultra sought-after Black Dice/Animal Collective split tour twelve-inch won't ever again see the inside of a pressing plant.

Animal Collective "Who Could Win A Rabbit"