Fatal Flying Guilloteens Get Knifed

If Billy Childish were a child of the heavy math rock movement, his garage tuneage would sound a lot like the Fatal Flying Guilloteens. But he wasn't, and they are, so it's in fact their music that sounds like that, not his. Scrappy, lumbering and mildly discordant with a nice little violent streak, these kids have got what it takes to make it. When I say make it, I mean get wasted and solidly rock your cellulitic ass. Just check out live-to-tape ape-freakers like "New Arsenal,” "Firecracker Suite" and "Shake It Oh Yeah? (Oh Yeah)” and you'll start to lob empty bottles out of your apartment window at a nice steady pace. Do yourself a favour and add some much needed skronk to your garage punk diet. (Estrus)