Fat Trel "Fuk Yo Life" (video)

Fat Trel 'Fuk Yo Life' (video)
Fat Trel has been planning his Sex Drug Muney & Gunz (now redubbed S.D.M.G.), but the Washington, DC-based rapper has still yet to let us in on when he'll be dropping the mixtape. On the plus side, the Slutty Boyz member just premiered a new tune called "Fuk Yo Life."

Despite the menacing message of the hook ("Fuck yo life / I take yo life"), Trel's new track features some lush and gorgeous production from GBE's 12 Hunna. While the web of piano, chipper synth flourishes and booming bass mesh into something quite lovely and mellow, Trel still goes hard as he crushes haters, evades police and sets up a mollyed-up date with a stripper.

You can see the dude spit about all of that with a styrofoam cup full of something in the video down below.