Fartz What's In A Name

The Fartz are back, again. After 1998's re-release of their early material, Seattle's hardcore pioneers are playing like it's 1981 all over again. Circle "As," balls out energy and pictures of kids and adults going crazy in the pit abound on this record. It features original members Blaine Cook, on vocals, and Steve, on bass, plus Alex Maggot Brain, of the Accused, and Karl Fowler, of the Detonators. What's In A Name was produced by grunge master Jack Endino, possibly as a form of penance for all those crappy Soundgarden and other flannel wrapped releases he foisted upon us a few years back. They re-recorded 15 of their old songs on this, including covers of Motörhead's "Iron Fist" and Black Sabbath's "Children Of The Grave." And they also apologise for once having Duff McKagan, of G'n'R fame, in the band. (Alternative Tentacles)