Farm Fresh Time Is Running Out

In order to commemorate the ten year anniversary of the Peanuts & Corn label, the original members of Farm Fresh — the three-man group that started it all — have reunited to celebrate with a brand new album of material. Time Is Running Out once again brings together mcenroe and Wicked Nut (now known as Pip Skid) for some lyrics that are both lighter and more fun than what fans have come to expect from P&C. "Frail Dale” is a humorous story about a childhood wimp of the neighbourhood that ends in a tragic wrestling accident; "30 In The Club” is a pathetic examination of the Peter Pan complex through the eyes of a too-old club-goer; and "My Ex-Girl” looks at a fair-ground friendship with an ex-girlfriend. Mcenroe’s beats are also more uplifting and energetic than they have been in the past, although recent albums like mcenroe & Birdapres’s Nothing is Cool and the Break Bread album have all demonstrated a welcome progression towards a more up tempo Peanuts & Corn. "Limelight,” the album’s best track, is anchored with either pots and pans or murky drums, a simple off-kilter bass line, and is further drenched in the scratches of third member Hunnicut, which all threaten to bury the vocals in a layer of planned chaos. Farm Fresh has returned to prove that Peanuts & Corn can still rock the spot… hard! (Peanuts & Corn)