Faraquet Anthology 1997-1998

Beyond its historical value for fans of hardcore, math-y punk, Anthology 1997-1998 is a wonderful document of DC’s powerful and influential Faraquet. Recently reunited and touring actively, Faraquet went from Smart Went Crazy side-project to full-fledged band in 1997. Consisting of newly mixed rare singles recorded during the band’s initial years, Anthology is gorgeous and vital, revealing a young band playing freely and challenging their limitations. Multi-instrumentalist Devin Ocampo, then known as SWC’s drummer, is a ridiculously inventive guitarist, creating angular, slithering parts with angst-y precision. Ocampo’s old friend Chad Molter played bass until SWC guitarist Jeff Boswell entered the fold, moving Molter to drums, which he’d never played before. So, these self-taught musicians didn’t exactly "know” what they were doing but one would never, ever guess that by their ferocious Fugazi-tinged update of the Minutemen’s playful sincerity. Anthology 1997-1998 is simply a blood-pumping music lesson by Faraquet. (Dischord)