Fanshaw Dark Eyes

Vancouver, BC's newest ladylove is singer Olivia Fetherstonhaugh, and in due time. Dark Eyes took close to five years to complete. It has a slow feeling, like dripping honey, that savours her sweetness, but she dwells upon the fall. Her lyrics are sombre, and her voice often mimics that, but sometimes she comes from an entirely different angle, reaching upwards, and those are exciting moments. Though her voice is sometimes eerily similar to Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes, she still finds her individuality in stunning songs such as "Diana" and "Dark Eyes." Backed by a heap of musicians, Dark Eyes is haunting, utilizing backup vocals and pianos. It's an adaptable record, definitely, able to be unique in many different situations and outlooks. Fanshaw proves that time is of the essence, but hopefully it won't take another five years for the next album. (Mint)