Fans Riot After Deftones Cancel Show in Bangkok

Fans Riot After Deftones Cancel Show in Bangkok
Last night (February 15), California metalheads Deftones pulled a page out of Axl Rose's book by cancelling a show at the last minute. The concert was due to take place at the Thunder Dome in Bangkok, Thailand, and the news that it was being called off caused fans outside of the venue to begin rioting.

Accord to a report by the Associated Press, the show was due to start at 8 p.m., but wasn't cancelled until 9:30 p.m. After the fans waiting outside were told the news, some of them "started throwing bottles at the stadium building, breaking windows and vandalizing tents and beer booths outside the venue. Some of the tents were set on fire," said a policeman who was on the scene. Luckily, no one was arrested or injured, and the violence had stopped by the time police arrived.

The gig was reportedly cancelled due to electrical problems. Deftones later posted this apology message on their website:

Due to local power issues that threatened the safety of the band and their fans, Deftones were forced to cancel their show last night at the Thunderdome in Bangkok, Thailand.

Deftones would like to apologize to those that were inconvenienced and hope to return to Thailand in the near future. Refund info to follow soon.

Deftones are currently promoting their album Diamond Eyes, which topped our Reader's Poll for the best metal album of 2010.