False Daft Punk Show Scams Thousands in China

False Daft Punk Show Scams Thousands in China
If you've been itching to see Daft Punk live ever since you copped the fantastic Alive 2007 record, you're not alone. Fans worldwide are anticipating the announcement of a Daft Punk gig and are willing to pay, and even believe, almost anything to make it happen.

According to a report from the Shanghaiist website, a seemingly official Facebook message recently announced that Daft Punk would be playing a top secret show in China on Friday the 13, where they would be debuting new material and generally tearing it up. Of course, to thicken the plot, the exact location of the show wasn't to be announced until the morning of. The event, which was priced at $73 U.S. a ticket, allegedly sold over 2,000 tickets.

Now, numerous reports across the web and even Daft Punk's management have denied any such event, and the general consensus is that the whole thing was one giant money-making scam. While the blame for the scam is entirely impossible to pinpoint, some users in the Facebook group "Daft Fcked" have pointed out that it goes above the PR company, which was also apparently duped.

The group also features this poetic gem: "After this 'discovery,' those boys are probably 'around the world' by now. I guess we'd all like to meet them 'one more time' and beat them 'harder, better, stronger, faster.' Maybe there's just 'something about us' and we're 'human after all.' Spread the 'digital love,' people."

Thank goodness we live in North America, where our concert tickets are in the loving hands of the good people at Ticketmaster.

Daft Punk "Harder Better Faster Stronger" (Alive 2007)