Fall Out Boy Drummer Andy Hurley's Racetraitor Return with Comeback Single

Fall Out Boy Drummer Andy Hurley's Racetraitor Return with Comeback Single
After hopping behind the kit earlier in the year with straight edge hardcore supergroup Sect, Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley has returned with new music from his '90s-era mosh crew, Racetraitor. The insanity of the U.S. presidential campaign has the band waxing political on a new two-song release, which marks the first material from the outfit in over 15 years.

"By the Time I Get to Pennsylvania"/"Damaged" is streaming now through Bandcamp, with both tracks also able to be downloaded on a name-your-price basis. The first track is a savage assemblage of grinding blasts and post-thrash pinch squeals. Lyrically, the piece hints at Republican candidate Donald Trump's plan to build a wall around Mexico and the "masquerade" of the campaign trail.

Racetraitor explained in a statement: "The 2016 election has been a parade of jingoism and xenophobia. We consider it a call to action. 'By the Time I Get to Pennsylvania' is our small way of voicing disgust at what is going on."

The two-song offering is the first release from Racetraitor since a split record with Burn It Down in 1999. While currently available in the digital realm, a flexi disc version of "By the Time I Get to Pennsylvania"/"Damaged" is also in the works.

The Chicago-bred band play a hometown reunion show at the Cobra Lounge on October 22.

Back in the summer, Hurley's Sect project with members of Cursed and Earth Crisis issued their self-titled debut album.