The Falcons Atomic Guitar

The ranks of instrumental guitar bands are still under-populated, but Vancouver, BC's the Falcons have been flying the flag proudly for 20 years. Lovers of the surf'n'twang sound will find plenty to enjoy in these 13 instrumentals written by lead axe-man Mike Beddoes, save for a version of the classic "Sleepwalk" that closes Atomic Guitar. This is the band's first album in seven years and it's already scoring rave reviews in Europe. Recording live-off-the-floor in analogue gives it a suitably retro sound and the Falcons fit nicely between the Shadows and Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet. They hang ten with surfalicious opening cut "Wild Tide," head into western terrain with the twangy "Another Tear" and "Ride of the Highwaymen," and get a little galactic on the space-y title cut. This is very cool stuff that'll sound even better on a hot summer day. (Falcon Beach)