Falconer The Sceptre of Deception

The third album overall by this Swedish metal band; things are not improving enough for the band to ensure their label stability. They still play melodic power metal that has influence from both old school metal and folk music, but their new album is boring with a capital B. There’s a repetitive nature to their songs and while the originality in composition has improved a tiny bit, the songs are still not that good. There is a real need for improvement if they are to jump to the next level and to be honest, after three releases I am not so sure they can. Their biggest problem is an inability to write memorable riffs, their second is their vocalist. Their singer can hardly be considered good. No matter how good the production or artwork, this reeks of amateurism. They’ll need to come up with a miracle for their next album if they want to survive and find a label that will put out another stinker like this one. (Metal Blade)