Fake Tears Anza Club, Vancouver BC, June 9

Fake TearsAnza Club, Vancouver BC, June 9
Photo: Caily DiPuma
A collaboration between Larissa Loyva (a.k.a. Kellarissa) and Elisha May Rembold of Lost Lovers Brigade, there wasn't much to speak of performance-wise for this Fake Tears set. The women stood behind their backpacker Korg synths, playing pensive melodies and singing, softly tapping their feet to keep time with beats played on an iPod Nano kept dangling from a keyboard stand. Yet, Loyva's haunting vocals carried a deeply emotive weight in their post-apocalyptic electro-pop setting, depressing with a glint of hope, quietly triumphant. Loyva has pipes that rival those of Katie Stelmanis of Austra, clearly one of the most impressive voices of the entire Music Waste Festival, and it blended as well with Rembold's voice, as did their brand-loyal synth parts. Despite its simplicity, it wasn't a flawless performance, but the odd mistake gave them an excuse to smile to each other, and lighten the somber mood a touch. It would be awesome to see them get some grant funding to add a drummer and maybe a couple of back-up dancers to elevate their show to the Young Galaxy level it deserves to be.