Fake Shark Real Zombie Set to Work on New LP, Get Adaline, Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays to Guest

Fake Shark Real Zombie Set to Work on New LP, Get Adaline, Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays to Guest
News of groove-laden Vancouver spazz punks Fake Shark Real Zombie hitting the studio is sure to stoke the outfit's fanbase. After all, they've been waiting for the band to release some new tunes for quite some time now. While the troupe's most recent offering, the messed-up and funky sophomore set Meeting People Is Terrible, was released in North America last year, the record was recorded back in 2008.

Though the group are still a ways off from completing their next record, vocalist Kevin Maher revealed to Exclaim! that they've already jumped headfirst into the recording. Cooped up in a Toronto-area recording facility, the singer explained that the record will find himself and co-founder/guitarist Louis Hearn surrounded by a revolving cast of musicians and producers, including Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays and former Treble Charger member Greig Nori.

"FSRZ is recording in Toronto right now, with various producers. Steve Bays, Greig Nori, Tino Zofi, Dave Ogilvie [Skinny Puppy, Jakalope] and myself," Maher explains. "We're doing a non-band record [with] over-the-top, experimental production. It's gonna be half-played instruments and half-sampled and programmed. Beastie Boys style."

Though Fake Shark Real Zombie have not yet revealed all the guests on the upcoming album, which is tentatively titled Liar, Maher did express delight at bringing piano-pop songstress Adaline into the fold for new track "Yes Yes No No."

"Adaline and I have respected each other for a long time, and I asked her to come improvise on a track and within four hours the whole song was done," dishes Maher.

He also added that drummer Jason Pierce (Paramore, Dallas Green, Justin Bieber) will pop up on the platter. Recording will apparently be going on for the next few months, with plans to release the album sometime in the new year.

In the meantime, Maher will be moonlighting from his longtime group to debut a new hip-hop-inspired collaboration with Vancouver chanteuse Louise Burns called Ione Skye.

"It's moody shoegaze-y, hip-hop," he says of Ione Sky's tunes, which he'll release as a free download sometime in December.