Fake Shark Real Zombie Announce 'Liar,' Get Henry Rollins, Adaline, Steve Bays to Guest

Fake Shark Real Zombie Announce 'Liar,' Get Henry Rollins, Adaline, Steve Bays to Guest
Spazz punks turned odd poppers Fake Shark Real Zombie started work on their third full-length Liar over a year ago and have now announced that the album will hit digital retailers February 14 through Light Organ Records, with a physical edition arriving February 19.

As previously reported, the outfit's upcoming LP, which follows 2010's Meeting People Is Terrible, came after a long growth period that found the band moving on from their twitchy roots to add elements "soul, Motown, hip-hop and old-school punk rock." Singer Kevvy Mental explains the progression on album track "Fuck Kevvy," an apparent bird-flip to the haters expecting the band to stick to one sound.

"I write records for myself, as if I were trying to come up with my favourite record, and the types of things that satisfy me musically are more like witty phrasing or lyrics rather than just trying to write the fastest songs in the world," he said in a statement of the sound-shift. "The goal before was to sonically assault the listener with time changes and now I'm more into a cool phrase instead of thirty guitar riffs in one verse. It's still insane music, maybe even more insane, it's just not the expected cacophony."

Guests on the album include Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays, who sings on previously premiered single "Girls," Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence, Die Mannequin's Care Failure and Adaline. The band also roped in famous fan and hardcore legend Henry Rollins to add some words of praise on "Service Announcement" and "Blonde Friends."

"He let me use clips of him talking about [Fake Shark Real Zombie] from his [radio] show Harmony in My Head," Mental confirmed to Exclaim! while en route to an L.A. video shoot for next single "Get Weird." "He's the easiest, most uncomplicated guy to work with in the world. Which is a treat for me, because he's also my biggest inspiration for staying fanatically busy."

You can check the tracklisting below and the album art above.


1. Boys  
2. Get Weird 
3. Girls (ft. Steve Bays)  
4. Wish Upon A Star  
5. Paint it Gold
6. Service Announcement (ft. Henry Rollins)
7. Afterskool Special (ft. Jimmy Urine)
8. Gimme Those Teeth (ft. Care Failure)  
9. Fuck Kevvy  
10. Yes Yes No No (ft. Adaline)
11. Soon To Be Strangers  
12. As Far As I Got
13. Whatever  
14. JackNJill  
15. Blonde Friends (ft. Henry Rollins)
16. Perfume  
17. Transylvania Bitch