Fake Shark - Real Zombie! Announce New EP

Fake Shark - Real Zombie! Announce New EP
When they're not hanging out with Henry Rollins or scoring Sarah Slean movies, Vancouver spazz kids Fake Shark - Real Zombie! like to tear up recording studios with their jittery, eclectic sound. As we previously reported, the band spent some time recording with Skinny Puppy's Dave Oglivie earlier this year. Now, the fruits of their labour will surface on an EP, due in January, and a full-length coming in the spring.

Titled Angel Lust, the band's new EP will be self-released on January ninth. In a post on the band's MySpace blog, they gave the four-track EP a very specific run-down, which reads as follows:

Angel Lust - Disco dance rock should die. This track is rhythm heavy funkyness that can get heads bobbing and fists pumping the way disco beats wished they could in 2005.

Horses in Heaven - IDM glitchyness takes over where 'wolf is the new the' left off. Also named after a joke about quadriplegics!

Running for the Razors - The loudest track on the EP. The relentless riff may be akin to your neighbors/parents/girlfriend pounding the walls in the next room while you listen to this song at full volume!

Sestri Levante - Referencing a stucco village on the Italian Riviera, the song wisks you off to paradise and isolation, before slamming into NWOBHM-inspired riffage and closes the ep with on an epic scale.

From IDM to NWOBHM? Sounds like their usual antics. Their sophomore full-length, Meeting People Is Terrible, doesn't have an official release date but should be ready by April. For now, "Angel Dust" is streaming on their MySpace page.

Fake Shark -€“ Real Zombie! "Horses in Heaven"