Faith No More Still Care A lot, But Only About Europe

Faith No More Still Care A lot, But Only About Europe
Following an 11-year break-up, it appears alt-metal heroes Faith No More are reuniting. According to Mike Patton's publicist, the ever-eccentric front-man will lead the reformed band on a summer European tour, marking the first time Faith No More have played together in any sort of capacity since 1998.

So far, the reunion details are scarce. The band have yet to announce the tour dates and apparently Patton is refusing interviews on the subject. However, Faith No More will reportedly tour with what was the band's final line-up: Patton, guitarist Jon Hudson, bassist Billy Gould, drummer Mike Bordin and keyboardist/Imperial Teen front-man Roddy Bottum. (It appears original guitarist Jim Martin, who left the band in 1993, is sitting out.) Also, this tour is European-only at the moment, meaning if you want to see the band, you better get ready to break open that piggy bank so you can hop a plane.

In related news, Patton just scored his first feature film, Crank 2: High Voltage. It's, um, the latest Jason Statham sequel (didn't he die in the first Crank?) and hits theatres April 17. Patton has done some light film work in the past, such as lending his voice to the creatures of I Am Legend, and has done voice work on a few videogames.

Strangely enough, Patton's PR company apparently thinks this latest work on a Statham flick is bigger news than Faith No More reuniting after 11 years, which was barely touched on in the press release and buried way at the bottom.

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