Faith No More "Superhero" (Alexander Hacke remix)

Faith No More 'Superhero' (Alexander Hacke remix)
As Faith No More are just a couple days away from launching their North American tour behind Sol Invictus, the hard rock greats are plugging both the trip and the LP with an, ahem, epic remix of recent single "Superhero."

Einst├╝rzende Neubauten's Alexander Hacke has given this a remix in the traditional sense of things, choosing not to mess with the skittery power of Mike Patton's wilder vocal tones or the grand but grim melodies too much. Instead, he trims the fat from the five-minute original, most notably from the outro.

You'll find the truncated but triumphant edit down below. Sol Invictus arrives May 19 through Reclamation Recordings/Ipecac Recordings.

As previously reported, Faith No More kick off their North American trip this Wednesday (April 15) in Vancouver, and recently revealed they'll be hitting Toronto in the summer with Refused.

UPDATE: Well, we knew something weird going on with that remix. Apparently the earlier upload was indeed just a radio edit of "Superhero." Hacke's official remix has now officially gone live, and it features a litany of old world horns, dramatic drum circle whomping, supple strings and more. Ultimately, it offers a much less rockist approach than we had initially thought. Dubbed "Superhero Battaglia," you can stream it down below!