Faith and the Muse Vera Causa

A two-CD set titled "Night" and "Morning," respectively, featuring live material, remixes, rarities, covers and acoustic interpretations of music by Faith and the Muse. The "Night" CD contains live show recordings with a big show sound and remixes by Rhea's Obsession, among others, giving a dark floor slant to their music. The "Morning" CD is the gem of the set, where the musical skill and talent of Monica Richards and William Faith shine through. Among the more exceptional pieces are Richards' cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill," an acoustic piano version of "Patience Worth" and "Annwyn, Beneath The Waves." Monica Richards has a powerful, sultry voice and William Faith proves himself as a talented multi-instrumentalist. The duo work with a number of adept musicians to articulate their goth-slanted rock, Celtic-folk and dance music. Indeed, many of these songs will conjure images of stone gargoyles, stain glass windows and vast shadowy chambers lit by candlelight. Vera Causa is tastefully melodramatic and skilfully rendered, which makes it one of the best goth-style recordings released this year. (Metropolis)