Fairburn Royals From A Window Way Above

The Fairburn Royals have been around the Atlanta scene for a couple of years now, and managed to kick up enough of a fuss with their self-released debut that led to their being signed by local label, Two Sheds. When it comes to their music, there’s a little bit of Pavement, a very slight touch of Guided By Voices (although not as much as the band themselves would like to think), and some generic emo-esque touches to fill in the remaining gaps. The lyrics can be inspired enough to make you laugh (as on "Japan” where emigration to the Far East is contemplated simply because of the bonus tracks on every CD), or insipid enough to make you cringe (as on the cliché-ridden "Be My Punk Rock Friend”). The band’s cuteness only goes so far and that alone can make it hard to make it all the way through From A Window Way Above without hitting stop at least once. Fortunately the album shifts between triteness and greatness almost instantly, and that helps to make the Fairburn Royals at least worth a cursory listen. (Two Sheds)