Failure Reunite for First Live Show in over a Decade

Failure Reunite for First Live Show in over a Decade
While alt-rock adventurists Failure have their Magnified LP being repressed for this year's Record Store Day event on Black Friday (November 29), what may be even more exciting for fans is news that the '90s-era outfit are reuniting in 2014 for their first show in 15 years.

A press release confirms that the lineup of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ken Andrews, multi-instrumentalist Greg Edwards and drummer Kellii Scott will hop on stage at Los Angeles's El Rey Theatre on February 13, marking the first time the act have played a show since they disbanded in 1997.

"Once you put aside all the historical baggage, hype, regrets, etc., there is one truth that remains," Andrews said in a statement about the reunion. "When we play music together something happens that is very hard to define and equally difficult to duplicate."

Speaking with Spin,  Andrews noted that his friendship with Edwards had been rekindled over the last few years, in part due to them both becoming fathers.

"I think that helped break the ice for us, to spend time together as friends, because the breakup in '97 was not pleasant. We needed a couple years to hang out and be friends again, and then it became this sort of elephant in the room, like, 'Why don't we do some music together?'"

Andrews added that while the band are unclear at present as to what their long-term goals are, new music is apparently in the works.

"At this point, the only for-sure plan is this show at the El Rey," he said, adding, "I have a feeling it's gonna turn into more than that. We haven't finished anything yet, but we have a few recordings that show that we have something left to say musically."

In addition to the upcoming Magnified repress, the band's reunion show will see the release of a 7-inch featuring "two rarities."