The Failer's Union Sinker

The Failures’ Union face somewhat of an uphill battle to stand out from the crowd. Because all their members are in other bands (Lemuria, the Exit Strategy and the Grade Grubbers), they need to make sure they bring something new to the table, and they do just that. Sinker manages to elevate itself from the rest of the field by mixing together punk and country influences in a way that doesn’t feel forced. And any album that can list Uncle Tupelo and Hüsker Dü as influences has to be worth at least a quick listen, and in this case it deserves even more than that. In addition to the newer material, they revisit a few older songs from earlier singles and there also some shorter, perhaps unfinished songs that act as interludes throughout, keeping the album to a surprisingly brief length, considering there are 16 tracks. That is down to the band’s precision and brevity in their songwriting, which ensures nothing on Sinker overstays its welcome, making for a very entertaining album. (One Percent Press)