Faderhuset "Kokser Kun Pa Jesus”

Faderhuset 'Kokser Kun Pa Jesus”
I’ll admit, my Danish is as strong as my Norwegian or my Baboon really, but a quick Danish-to-English online translation has me confident that "Kokser Kun Pa Jesus” is actually "Cokes Only From Jesus,” which has a really nice sentiment to it — it’s kind of like "Jesus Loves Me” for the choice of a New Generation… wait, that’s Pepsi’s slogan. Anywho, Faderhuset ("the Father’s House”) are a Denmark-based two-man mysterio who wear pantyhose on their heads as well as dresses, while always baring the cross of their saviour. It’s a pretty fascinating display, as is their radically devout MySpace page, but if we’re to believe these two artists are for real, than they are also representin’ a Danish evangelical Christian group of the same name from Copenhagen that was co-founded by Ruth Evensen, who this past July launched the Freedom Party, a right-wing, Christian group opposed to free abortion. Without getting too deep into this, Faderhuset (the band) are noteworthy because they make music of an absolutely bonkers magnitude, and judging by the YouTube clip below, aren’t afraid to take it up a few notches on stage. The language barrier is a challenge I can’t seem to overcome, largely because I have no idea of what they’re preaching, but the mash-ups they come up with contain pummelling beat standards like drill&bass or happy hardcore, and are then enhanced by jumpy sped-up vocals and a-million-a-minute transitions that give the ADD nation some new heroes to worship. "Kokser Kun Pa Jesus,” however, stands out as the duo’s most distinct example, assuming the role of a Danish folk song hand-picked by Wes Anderson, before it’s injected with a tank and a half of helium and a bottle of glitch-coated steroids that directs the flow like an infant is testing out a transmitter radio. It’s not the church music our grandparents grew up, but for some reason, if putting the fear of God into me is its purpose, well then, I think it’s a job well done because I'm a little scared.

(Side note: perhaps the he most interesting titbit discovered during this whole Click Hear entry is that Japan has a new cucumber flavoured Pepsi beverage called Pepsi Ice Cucumber. Delish.)