The Faceless Autotheism

The FacelessAutotheism
The Faceless have never been just another deathcore band. Their musicianship alone has set them apart, as have their aspirations for more than just brutality. With Autotheism, they've officially severed any remaining ties with the genre from which they emerged. Long, progressive instrumental sections have taken the place of breakdowns, furthering the distance between their heavier death metal sections. This release is more Opeth than Oceano, and contains greater crooning than previous releases. Although the band manage to avoid the self-indulgence that often comes with ability and ambition, Autotheism does occasionally lose steam. What the Faceless need to keep in mind is that in transitioning from one of the strongest purveyors of deathcore to a death-influenced progressive metal band the expectations upon them have grown as well. No longer are the band being compared to the likes of Whitechapel or Oceano — now they are being held up against Cynic and Opeth. In that regard, the Faceless could use some work before reaching those upper echelons. (Sumerian)