Facedowninshit Nothing Positive, Only Negative

The recent blitz of richly deserved signings from the always reliable Relapse Records have flooded record stores with a handful of stand-out releases in the last couple of months alone, but Facedowninshit are the grizzled, drug-addled black sheep of the flock for a number of reasons. Already boasting an eye-catching and surprisingly descriptive moniker, the North Carolina three-piece play an unpredictable and thoroughly nauseating blend of hardcore punk and Southern-infused sludge, nestled somewhere between Eyehategod and Discharge. Just when the listener wearily raises their disoriented, brutalised mug for a gasp of air amidst the sweltering doom of the group’s more slow-paced moments, a steaming onslaught of beat-driven, bowel-loosening speed proves the group are no one trick pony. Unexpected smidgens of melody and ambience are few and far between, but allow the listeners to figuratively relieve themselves before being pushed face first into another grimace worthy expelling of warped riffage. Nowhere near as relaxed or dynamic in delivery as label-mates Unearthly Trance, Facedowninshit prefer a more direct, yet equally powerful approach. Those with a taste for punishment and a strong gag reflex would do well not to ignore this band, despite the requisite shower and thorough flossing immediately following each listen. (Relapse)