Face to Face Set Sights on Reissue Campaign

Face to Face Set Sights on Reissue Campaign
In case you hadn't already heard, '90s SoCal punk vets Face to Face have reunited and recently dropped their first new record in nine years, the rather awesome Laugh Now, Laugh Later, on their own Antagonist Records. But while the band have their sights firmly planted on the present, frontman Trever Keith did acknowledge the band's past in a recent interview with Exclaim!, revealing that Face to Face have plans for an extensive reissue series.

"Part of the deal that I did with [marketing and distribution companies] People Like You/Century Media was that they will be re-releasing our catalogue," says Keith, who has control of the band's back catalogue. "I re-released the Face to Face catalogue digitally seven or eight years ago, but none of those labels have been making physical copies of that music for quite sometime. So I'm looking to getting at least CDs back out there, but I'm more excited about getting limited-edition and collectable vinyl versions of the back catalogue out there with bonus tracks and additional artwork and all that good stuff. So we're going to spend the next couple of years rolling those out slowly here and there."

Still speaking of the past, Keith also revealed that while 1999's Ignorance is Bliss is his "most proud accomplishment," he is disappointed with how the sound on fan favourite Big Choice has aged. "I don't think that [1995's] Big Choice sounds that great. I like the songs on it, but I think we could have done a better job at getting a better sounding record made."

Keith blames the resulting album on the inexperience of youth allowing the band to get pushed around by their label at the time, A&M. But he maintains that the shoddy production never affected the band's songwriting.

"A re-released Big Choice would probably be a remixed one and, at the very least, remastered, so it gets a little fatter and warmer sounding."

He didn't specify any kind of timeline for the reissues, but that such releases are even in the works is thrilling for anyone who's tried to track down a copy of Don't Turn Away at their local used record shop.

In the meantime, though, Face to Face have nothing but touring on their docket. They recently wrapped up a string of dates with Strung Out in Canada and have their eyes set on Europe and South America in the fall. You can see all the band's currently scheduled dates here.