F-Minus Wake Up Screaming

The third record from California's F-Minus is their best, demonstrating their ability to grow. Whereas their first two records were all about the speed and spit, this one is more thought-out. Even though they still rip through most of these songs like tornadoes, they've also branched out, sneaking the odd melodic moment into these 15 tracks. One of the great things about this band is how they boldly show off their influences. On "Not This Time,” you'd almost think you were listening to Dez Cadena-era Black Flag, complete with Greg Ginn-style piercing guitar riffs. "Mother Of Suffering" could be an old Neurosis or Nausea track and "Here Lies Jessica" sounds like the Adolescents song, "Kids Of The Black Hole." Once again, the guy-girl combo on vocals adds a good balance to this effort. (Hellcat)