Eytan Tobin For Everyone EP

Eytan TobinFor Everyone EP
Israeli-born, Toronto-based, multi-faceted producer/DJ Eytan Tobin is steadily getting more colourful as he progresses. Granted, he's only got a handful of releases under his belt, but already his productions are more complex than their earlier cousins. Not only that, but Tobin draws on a number of different styles on this EP, many of which are contradictory but still manage to gel when thrown into the same sphere.

"STREAMS," for example, is built like an '80s dream sequence with elements of trap woven throughout its psychedelic backdrop. While "Yung People" follows a very similar pattern, it's much more emotional and subdued. Opener "Spaiku Talks," a sort of xylophonic nursery rhyme stroll through the woods, overshadows both; it's got just enough thump to be considered dance music, but really it's just a beautiful, sleepy track. As Tobin clearly likes to dip into a number of styles with his recordings, it would be interesting to see him tackle a full-length LP. Then, perhaps the varying styles could really learn to get along. (Rare Beef)