Eyes Adrift Eyes Adrift

Eyes Adrift boasts a notable line-up of alt-rock faces, including Curt Kirkwood (ex-Meat Puppets), Krist Novoselic (ex-Nirvana) and Bud Gaugh (ex-Sublime). Occasionally, the band’s self-titled debut nods towards the folk and country components of the Meat Puppets’ sound. "Untried” and "Pyramids offer placid, gentle melodies, while "Solid” and "Telescope” present lurching rock’n’roll. Although the quality of musicianship is eminent on Eyes Adrift’s debut, the album’s songs remain nondescript, fading swiftly from memory. "Inquiring Minds” is an astounding dud of a song, an insipid alt-country tune with heavily layered vocals and grating lyrics concerning the relationship between the media and murdered child JonBenet Ramsey. Eyes Adrift’s first full-length contains tranquil but ultimately unremarkable songs. (Spinart)