Exzoskeleton Exploring Biology

Sometimes you just got to wail. For every 100 carefully constructed fusion albums, there's maybe one example of something like this: pure sinus-clearing energy. It's a record bound to alienate most jazz fans within about 30 seconds. In the great Brotzmanniacal tradition, Billy Sides has put out a low-tech, high intensity blast o' noise that proves once again how vital free jazz is in plumbing extreme emotional states. With a dual reed frontline highly reminiscent of Borbetomagus, Exploring Biology starts loud and gets louder. This is pure freedom, songs don't develop in any linear way, although there are rises and falls in the level of intensity, so it's not just random squawking. The playing is quite good - no hackneyed blues based riffs or sensitive outre heads, just nimble explorations of the aggressive possibilities of each instrument. Sides plays a mean (really mean) kit that suggests Sunny Murray. There are wonderfully farty synth blasts in the bass range, which are the best texture to compliment the mood. This record would appeal to serious noise-core fans that are willing to dispense with regular time and just go for raw power. Exploring Biology is an exhausting listen, and it might be just the ticket after a crappy day at a dehumanising job. (B Sides)