Extremity Coffin Birth

Extremity Coffin Birth
If you feel hungry for a slice of meat-and-potatoes chunky death metal, with some devilish riffs and bone-crushing force, Extremity might just fill that void for you with their second release, Coffin Birth.
From the ambient intro that makes up the first part of "Coffin Birth/A Million Witches," one immediately is instilled with images born out of old Hammer horror films, and it sets a relatively accurate mood for the album: brutal as hell but still fun, which is further stated in the rest of the song, as it explodes into ferocious blasting reminiscent of Cannibal Corpse's "Meat Hook Sodomy," and proves to be one of the strongest tracks on the record.
Coffin Birth appears to be hanging in the balance between dynamism and a standard practice in death metal convention. Nearly every track has a section that gets in your guts and makes you want to kill someone to that one riff or hook, but these sections tend to be spaced between those that, as one gets further on in the album, begin to feel repetitive or just not very interesting. But songs like the closer, "Misbegotten - Coffin Death" make it worth what slog you might experience for those juicy bits of brutal delicacy.
For those who enjoy the primitive, groove-infused attack of Necrot or Genocide Pact, Coffin Birth should make them feel right at home, six feet beneath the ground. (20 Buck Spin)