Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo Prince Avalanche

Explosions In The Sky & David WingoPrince Avalanche
Explosions in the Sky create arguably their least cinematic collection of songs for David Gordon Green's latest film, Prince Avalanche. Teamed up with fellow Texan David Wingo (a frequent contributor to Green's films, as well as frontman for Ola Podrida), the instrumental giants abandon their trademark crescendos and euphoric melodies to explore the softer side of their work, which is often overlooked. Lonely piano lines craft moments of introspection ("Hello, This Is Your House"), shimmering guitar riffs never develop beyond their first thought ("Dear Alvin") and the majority of 15 tracks sit below the two-minute mark. It's all very un-Explosions-like, but it works to not only create diversity in their discography, but also as a moody album that can provide moments of levity. (Temporary Residence)