With Regret

ExpireWith Regret
Midwest hardcore crew Expire say farewell with their third full-length, but they make their exit a memorable one. Although the heaviest songs on With Regret fall short of the intensity of some of their previous work, it remains a stalwart hardcore record nonetheless.
One of the most noticeable differences here is the change in production quality. On With Regret, the band trade some of the lo-fi grit of their previous releases for the pristine guitar tones and well-balanced mix that Andy Nelson (of Weekend Nachos) brings to the table, which adds greatly to the delivery of each song. "Hidden Love" and "Turned To Dust" stand out as two of the most aggressive songs in the set, Joshua Kelting sounding particularly furious on the latter, delivering a strangled mosh call over a jarring final breakdown.
Expire don't stray too far from the formula that has worked for them across their older releases, but keep things varied enough to avoid songs blending together. As such, With Regret is a robustly written swansong that will appeal to fans of the band and genre alike. (Bridge Nine)
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