Exodus 77 Just Time

Anyone who has heard the Beta Band's bastardised version of Harry Nilsson's "One"; the rap comes from Sean Reveron, a young American MC who has more history in his little pinky than most of us do by age 30. Just Time is his debut mini-album that packs all of his past experiences with punk rock, hip-hop, dub and reggae into one extravaganza. Co-produced by the Stereo MCs (and one track by the Creators), Exodus 77 has a very unique vision in his music, which he believes to be a representation of every culture he has lived through and will live through in his life. Reveron's focal point is hip-hop, but has the ability to name-check influences such as Joy Division, the Clash and Iggy Pop in his rhymes to blend his rock with his rap. "3D Reconstruction," a remix of his "3D Effect," features a guest appearance by Roots Manuva and makes for the definitive moment of the album. With a fat beat Dr. Dre couldn't come up with in a million years, the subject is the disc's recurring theme of life affirmation ("Every life lived is amazing"). Anyone looking for a different approach to hip-hop should definitely check out these skills. (Regal)