Existence Small People, Short Story, Little Crime

With their tongue planted firmly in cheek, Quebec's Existence take on what is perhaps the most ambitious concept album seen in this country by a prog rock band since the likes of Rush, although they are nowhere as mechanical and polished. Small People... is a grand concept album that places society under a microscope, with a sense of humour. Complimenting the music is a 56-page magazine expose booklet that expands what is behind each track, revealing more about the world and lives of certain characters in the story as well as the story's various situations. The music is more rock-oriented - Jethro Tull, not Yes. Theatrics are kept to a minimum; no dragons, just people and the odd violin. Although musically rough around the edges, there are moments within this disc that are not only tight, but keen and they deserve an "A" for effort on their packaging alone. (Black Pearl)