Exeter Exeter EP

ExeterExeter EP
In the 21st century, electronic music and hip-hop have formed a co-dependent relationship; on his self-titled debut, Exeter exemplifies this in wonderful technicolour. Flouting any singular sound, the Toronto musician freely incorporates Italo disco, IDM, Golden Age hip-hop, video game soundtracks and post-Hudson Mohawke styles into this EP's six tracks. While many producers focus exclusively on beats, rhythms or melody, Exeter tries to highlight each element independently, expertly letting songs germinate in spots where most DJs would aim for the money shot.
Many of the tracks on this EP reference a number of artists and genres, as "Aegis Theme/Based World Interlude" plays off of Lil B's languid rhythms, "Complex – Power Weapons" highlight Exeter's trap background and "XTRA" bravely interprets elements from a Prince demo. On his debut, Exeter decides to show off very little of himself, but that doesn't make the execution any less killer. (Rare Beef)