Exempt Specimenz Station Lock

Rhyme Mutilator makes a welcome return to the vinyl frontier with this two-song limited edition seven-inch, an introduction to his project with fellow nerd rapper Dub Diode under the name Exempt Specimenz. "Station Lock” and "Authorized Vehicles” are both backed by murky, minimal sci-fi beats that are short enough to remain entertaining. The emergency claxons used throughout "Authorized Vehicles” make for a noisy yet more dynamic sound than the piano on "Station Lock.” Rhyme Mutilator and Dub Diode spit galactic-sized brags thick with techno-babble and sci-fi references such as Diode’s "I’m hitting quadrupeds with rhymes that got substance/Seven shows in seven star clusters” ("Authorized Vehicles”) or Rhyme Mutilator’s "Been bezerk/call Kirk to decipher my work” ("Station Lock”). Exempt Specimenz are for fans of the Shapeshifters and people who wish Kool Keith was still Dr. Octagon. (MXN)