Exclusive: Virgin Festival Set to Bring "Festravaganza" to Toronto This Weekend

Exclusive: Virgin Festival Set to Bring "Festravaganza" to Toronto This Weekend
Despite a controversial move from downtown Toronto to Burl's Creek Park and back, the travelling Virgin Festival's Ontario gig is a go for this weekend at the Molson Amphitheatre. And it's quite the line-up, too: there's everyone from Nine Inch Nails to the Pet Shop Boys to Ben Harper & Relentless7, the Pixies, Thunderheist and Franz Ferdinand.

With such a diverse and top-notch line-up, it is a shame the excitement about the bands playing the two-day event has been overshadowed by talk of its relocations. But, according to Chris Baines, head of communications of the Virgin Festival, the reasons for the moves have been pretty simple.

"When we looked at bringing the festival to Ontario for the fourth year, we really wanted to bring a camping experience for festival-goers, which was why we announced earlier this summer that the festival would be taking place at Burl's Creek Park," Baines says in an interview with Exclaim! "Since then, tickets sales hadn't been going as well as we'd hoped and the fans were asking for the Festival to come back to Toronto - so that's what we did. We're now all set for a great weekend in downtown Toronto at the Molson Amphitheatre and the ticket sales in the past couple of weeks have made it clear that a downtown show is what they wanted."

According to Baines, Virgin Festival Ontario is a "festravaganza," because not only is there music but there's a whole variety of activities to enjoy. And with the whole thing being a travelling show - they've had five dates in Canada this summer, and this weekend will be their tenth festival ever in Canada - it's a safe bet that they've got the whole package nailed down pretty good.

"From playing Xbox 360 games, meeting your favourite artists in the autograph tent, getting a haircut or manicure to even brushing up on your pole-dancing skills, we bring a ton of activities to the site that make the weekend a complete experience," says Baines. "There's music that everyone can enjoy and it's going to be an amazing weekend."

For more information about Virgin Festival Ontario taking place August 29 to 30, and tickets, click here.