Exclusive: The Clipse Set Out to Connect "the Hood and the Hipster" on Casket Follow-Up

Exclusive: The Clipse Set Out to Connect 'the Hood and the Hipster' on <i>Casket</i> Follow-Up
Virginia rap duo the Clipse are refusing to coast on the success of their third album, Til the Casket Drops, which hit No. 3 on the Billboard charts and has already spawned four singles, including the street smash "Popular Demand (Popeyes)." In an interview with Exclaim!, the more lyrically regarded half of the Clipse, Pusha T, explained that the group are already setting their sights on Casket's follow-up, a record that he hopes will connect "the hood and the hipster."

After waiting four years between Pusha and Malice's 2002 debut, Lord Willin', and 2006's underground fave Hell Hath No Fury, the crew's loyal following had to linger another three for Casket to, uh, drop. This year, however, the biological brothers plan to build on their momentum by shooting three more videos, releasing yet another single, and then embarking on tour. After that, it's onto the duo's next studio full-length.

"We're gonna go create the next Clipse album, and the direction is gonna surprise people a little bit," Pusha T says. "I don't want to say anymore than that. We're setting it off with the Neptunes, and we'll take it from there. [Our challenge is] connecting the hood and the hipster. If we can make the hood and the hipster scream in unison, 'Clipse! Clipse! Clipse!' that's when we'll reach our peak."

Pusha T didn't reveal which guests might make an appearance on the new Clipse LP, but by the sounds of things, they wouldn't mind once again enlisting Cam'ron, who appeared on "Popular Demand (Popeyes)."

"Cam's cool. He's dope," Pusha T explains. "But he is probably one of the most business-savvy guys you'll ever want to meet. He's a paperwork monster. He's only gonna clear himself [to cameo on your song] if the paperwork is 100 percent digestible to his liking. Literally, you'll be signing a contract that says, 'Cam will do this. You won't do this.' It's so official. I love it. It's the greatest way ever of doing business, so no one gets screwed."