Exclusive: Cable Give the Skinny on Their Up-in-the-Air Band Status

Exclusive: Cable Give the Skinny on Their Up-in-the-Air Band Status
We recently caught up with Connecticut sludge/noise rockers Cable to chat about their excellent new disc, The Failed Convict, a concept album centered upon a man named Jim who escapes from prison, condemns the judge who stole that chunk of his life and journeys to California. However, amongst all the new album talk we couldn't help but grill the band about their constantly up-in-the-air status.

The group, which have been around since 1994, have long been known for breaking up, getting back together, vanishing and generally being immersed in turmoil. With the release of The Failed Convict, which at points shows a marked change in sound, we wanted to find out what the skinny was with the seemingly reinvigorated band in 2009. Are Cable full-time? Part-time? No-time?

"We gave up on titles for ourselves," drummer Vic Szalaj told Exclaim! in an interview. "At the end of the day we have always been a band that plays by its own rules and we march to our own beat. If we decide to take a break, we do. If we want to record an album, we do. If we want to do shows, we do.

"There are too many variables in each of our lives to take it too serious and this way the passion and the urgency never go away, we have nothing to lose and that is the greatest satisfaction to all of us. That being said, we also realize the importance of our fans and we always appreciate the support we are given."

If you're curious about how the story told in The Failed Convict turns out, the record is due out August 18 via the End Records.

Stay tuned for the rest of our Cable interview at Exclaim.ca.