Exclaim!'s Top 27 Albums of 2016 So Far

19. White Lung

If the first thing you heard from White Lung's Paradise was the death-driven, ballad-esque "Belong" — easily among the year's best songs — you might wonder if one of Canada's most exciting punk bands had gone a bit soft. Pfft.

Paradise may sound bigger and have more hooks than the band's previous work, but it's still a ferocious, blisteringly paced record. White Lung's whirlwind energy is simply more focused this time around: Anne-Marie Vassiliou's drumming remains as forceful as ever on tracks like "I Beg You" and "Sister"; guitarist Kenneth William holds Paradise's soundscapes together, adding colour to his riffs to the point where some could be easily mistaken for keyboard parts; and at the eye of the band's storm remains Mish Barber-Way, her beautiful vocal tone ready to transform into a beast whenever the whirlwind kicks up.
Ryan McNutt