Exclaim!'s Top 20 Click Hear Chart of 2010

Exclaim!'s Top 20 Click Hear Chart of 2010
Tucked away under the Music/Video tab at the top of the page, our Click Hear section is a regularly updated MP3 and music video blog where we post our favourite finds from every corner of the vast, unending Internet. From rap leaks and new indie singles to an ever-growing amount of NSFW music videos, the Click Hear department is an exciting beast. Below, we've run down the top 20 Click Hear posts of 2010 as determined by your visits.

So have a look at what we're simply calling Exclaim!'s Top 20 Click Hear Chart of 2010:

20. White Lung - "Sleep Creep"

Before they were crowned Exclaim!'s punk queens (and king) for their excellent It's the Evil LP, Vancouver post-punk growlers White Lung stoked our anticipation with the track "Sleep Creep" back in May. Punishing drums, scratchy guitars, a melodic bass line and Mish Way's inimitable vocals were a surefire sign that something big was on the way.

19. Black Mountain - "The Hair Song" (video)

Right before they dropped their third album Wilderness Heart, Vancouver retro-rockers Black Mountain unveiled a video for their lead single "The Hair Song." Jamming out in some wild West Coast forest, the video also featured a kid on his skateboard and a teen love story, thereby tugging all the right heartstrings.

18. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - "Gathering Storm" / "Moya" (Live at ATP)

The news that Montreal instrumental rock titans Godspeed You! Black Emperor had reunited was incredibly exciting for all of us, but it was also difficult to know that their debut performance would be thousands of kilometres away at ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas. Fortunately, some high-quality footage made its way online, and while the visuals were a little hazy, the epic, heavy sounds came through in full clarity.