Exclaim!'s Top 2010 Christmas Gifts for Indie Kids

Exclaim!'s Top 2010 Christmas Gifts for Indie Kids
Thanks to the plummeting music industry, it's getting near impossible for musicians to earn their living from album sales alone. Luckily for us, this means that bands and labels are constantly rolling out new and interesting merch items as a way to convince fans to part with their money.

Just like last year, here are few ideas for presents to buy for the indie rock fan on your Christmas list. Unfortunately, the limited-edition nature of some of these items means that they may be difficult to find. But trust us -- it will be well worth it if you do.

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5. Wilco Coffee
Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy is evidently cultivating a caffeine addiction these days. This Wilco-branded coffee is the Organic Ethiopia Sidama Homecho Waeno made by Intelligentsia. The ordering period for the coffee is over, but you still have a couple options: you can purchase mugs here, or scour eBay in the coming weeks (orders shipped on December 9 and 10). Or, if you live in Toronto, you can always buy a present from the Wilco-themed Sky Blue Sky sandwich shop. 4. Tom Waits 78 RPM Record with Player
It makes perfect sense that the eclectic, unpredictable Tom Waits would put out a record in the obsolete 78 RPM format. This collaboration with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band won't play on standard record players, so Waits is also selling 100 record players specially made for 78s. All proceeds go the hall itself, with the record requiring a $50 donation and the player/record combo requiring $200. 3. Daft Punk Tron Headphones
These Tron-themed headphones aren't just a cheap ploy to get fans to fork over a few bucks. This elaborate piece of head gear from Monster Cable boasts top-of-the-line sound, with noise isolation, low-end surround and LED lights for animated effects. There's even an attachable boom microphone so these headphones can be turned into a headset for gamers. Bear in mind that these things light up, so hopefully the person you buy them for likes the attention they're bound to receive. Oh, but these suckers aren't cheap, but if you're willing to shell out about $300, you can grab them at Amazon. 2. Third Man Records/White Stripes Box Set
No one does collector's edition merch better than Third Man Records boss Jack White. His label has already put out a triple decker record, tri-colour singles and ultra-limited live albums. Best of all are these two massive box sets -- one from the White Stripes and one that draws on all of the Third Man catalogue. Along with the records, they include a slew of goodies like a portable record player, headphones, a slip mat and more. The White Stripes set is already sold out, but the Third Man Records set is a must-have for dedicated Jack White fans. It costs $499 and can be bought here. 1. Wavves Weed Grinders
Wavves singer-guitarist Nathan Williams is renowned for being indie rock's biggest brat, having thrown public hissy fits, getting busted for drugs and cussing out Marnie Stern on Twitter. That's why we weren't surprised when he revealed that he would be adding weed grinders to the merch table. Of course, it's the holiday season, so let's call this a Christmas spice grinder (at least in front of the parents).