Exclaim!'s Top 10 Music Picks for This Boxing Week

Exclaim!'s Top 10 Music Picks for This Boxing Week
7. Rush - Sectors

Always been meaning to pick up Rush's entire discography? This will get you off to a good start. These three box sets each include five albums, plus a surround-sound DVD, and together account of the band's entire catalogue with Mercury Records (spanning 1974 to 1988).

6. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon/Wish You Were Here (deluxe reissues)

The original space cases of rock'n'roll launched a massive reissue campaign in the second half of 2011. This included hugely expanded versions of their 1973 classic Dark Side of the Moon and its 1975 follow-up Wish You Were Here. The former is available as a two-disc "Experience" version or as a six-disc "Immersion" version; the same applies to the latter, although the "Immersion" version is a comparatively modest five discs. If you buy both of these, you'll have a pick stack of CDs to listen to while you giggle, eat chips and marvel at how your hand looks totally huge, man.

5. Panda Bear - Tomboy (deluxe vinyl box)

Since its release back in the spring, Tomboy has become one of the year's most quietly underrated albums, something that's probably thanks to Noah Lennox's hugely inflated reputation as a member of Animal Collective. Rediscover your love of this awesome album with this four-LP vinyl box set, which includes single mixes, a cappellas, instrumentals and a rare track call "The Preakness."

4. Smashing Pumpkins - Gish/Siamese Dream (deluxe reissues)

Will Billy Corgan ever actually finish his massive 44-song Teargarden by Kaleidyscope project? Frankly, we don't really care, since the expanded deluxe versions of the Pumpkins' classic LPs Gish (1991) and Siamese Dream (1993) offer plenty of alt-rock goodies in the form of demos, rare songs, live DVDs, picture postcards and big-ass booklets.