Exclaim!'s Top 10 Folk & Country Albums Best of 2015

Exclaim!'s Top 10 Folk & Country AlbumsBest of 2015
7. Laura Marling
Short Movie
(Ribbon Music)

On her fifth album, Short Movie, British singer-songwriter Laura Marling delivers yet another batch of engrossing songs to delve into and discuss through long think pieces — only this time, Marling has reshaped the way we think about her music.
Largely written on electric guitar, Marling delivers 13 tracks that sound cagier, bolder and brasher, not just sonically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. After scrapping an entire album's worth of ideas, Marling headed off to Los Angeles on a spiritual journey that ended up giving her the courage to reinvent her craft, even going so far as producing the album on her own.

Given the new dimensions here, Short Movie is a release that leads one to ask: Is Laura Marling even interested in folk music anymore? But why dwell on such trivialities, when Laura's obviously already moved past them?
Daniel Sylvester