Exclaim!'s Top 10 Click Hear Posts of 2011

Exclaim!'s Top 10 Click Hear Posts of 2011
The year is almost over, meaning that another 12 months of awesome new music is coming to a close. As we prepare to dig in for yet more great tunes to arrive in 2012, here's a look back on the most popular music we posted in the last year here on Exclaim.ca.

Bear in mind that this isn't a value judgement or a best-of ranking. This is simply a list, based on traffic, of which music in our Click Hear section got the most attention from our readers. Yes, there are lots of big names in the Top 10, but there are also some surprises and a hearty dose of Canadian content. Think you can guess what came out on top? Keep reading to find out, and click those links to revisit some of Click Hear's most memorable 2011 posts.

Exclaim!'s Top 10 Click Hear Posts of 2011:

10. Kittie - I've Failed You (album stream)

Judging by the attention the band's sixth long-player received, we're just about ready to proclaim Kittie the queens of Canadian metal. From looking at the comments, the record's blend of emotional weightiness with hard-hitting aggression made for a divisive listening experience. Still, you can't argue with the stats, and this album received a load of plays.

9. The Wooden Sky - City of Light (EP stream)

Only 400 copies of this EP were made to be sold at shows. Luckily, even those who weren't able to pick up a hard copy (or who don't have a tape player) had a chance to listen to the Toronto alt-country band's latest offering thanks to this ultra-popular stream.

8. Radiohead - The King of Limbs (album stream)

Well, duh. Radiohead have been arguably the most consistent and critically adored band of the last two decades, so is it really any surprise that their latest LP, The King of Limbs, earned a ton of attention. In the comments, however, it was mostly met with confusion (plus a few raves).

7. Stars - "Changes" (video) (NSFW)

The video acted as proof (as if we needed it) that nothing gets attention quite like a naked lady. This clip shows a woman dancing through hallways and staircases in the buff before curiously sprouting a tail.

6. Lil B - Free Music: The Complete MySpace Collection

This collection from the Based God contains a genuinely insane 676 songs, with a tracklist than spans 20 pages. We're not quite sure how he found the time to make it all, but, judging by readers' love, many of you found the time to listen to it.