Exclaim!'s Best of 2014: Top 10 Metal & Hardcore Albums

6. Indian
From All Purity

Released at the outset of 2014, Indian's From All Purity made a quick case for being one of the best metal records of the year. It's an intense listening experience — from Dylan O'Toole's harsh and acrid vocals to the band's heaving, crushing doom — but how the band achieve that intensity is what makes the record so appealing.

While the guitars and drums are mixed lower, allowing O'Toole's performance to rise to the top and cut through, the electronics occupy the space in between, providing texture while also adding to the level of abrasiveness the band can achieve as they coalesce around every song. Those moments of unity, like on the repetitive but insistent "Directional," are at the very core of this record, with each new part driving the songs into extreme territory. (Michael Rancic)