Exclaim!'s Best of 2013: Top 10 Metal & Hardcore Albums

6. Full of Hell
Rudiments of Mutilation

Maryland/Pennsylvania's Full of Hell have unleashed one of the most positively hostile releases of 2013 with their sophomore LP, Rudiments of Mutilation. The hardcore punk band infuses elements of grindcore, noise, sludge, doom and blackened death metal into their extremely unique sound. They also exude raw, overwhelming feelings of hate, angst and hopelessness through haunting tones and an ominous atmosphere, which sets them even further apart and makes their releases truly unusual.

Following Roots of Earth are Consuming My Home, their stellar 2011 debut full-length, Rudiments of Mutilation is harsher, darker and more aggressive, taking their hybrid sound to a new, unforeseen level. While Full of Hell combine a smorgasbord of different styles into their music, the band have excelled at layering the diverse aspects into a chaotic, yet focused, sound. Dissonant feedback and vocalist Dylan Walker's tortured screams are featured throughout Rudiments of Mutilation, while rapid-fire drums and riffs transition seamlessly to slow grooves in a Converge-meets-Napalm Death kind of unrelenting sonic assault.

However, Full of Hell add contrast to the album, as it also contains moments of slower, Swans-esque, experimental noise, with ominous rhythms and droning vocals, as well as sludge breaks and doom-style, lucid tones. Difficult and thought-provoking, Rudiments of Mutilation is an exceptionally intelligent album. (Denise Falzon)